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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where has the time gone? Summer is over for my family!

2 out of 3 of our kids are in school already, can you believe that?  I remember when school started in Sept and still end in early June.
So our oldest child is in ROTC and our middle started kindergarten but I'm still left with our 2 yr old.  Nice to just be us two but also I have to constantly be her play date because big sis was there to always play with her (bummer for me and now I work even much later).  But I enjoy every moment with her and learning how amazing she is.  Very strong willed little girl she is and very independent.
I LOVE to cook as much as planning and creating amazing parties but time always seems to creep up on me so quickly that I usually have to cook quick simple meals.  At least our kids aren't quite picky.  We lucked out with our last child (the 2 yr old) she eats just about everything, she loves veggies (even salads).  Our other two eats veggie too but ONLY certain veggies, so our popular buy are carrots, broccoli, green beans & soybean.

I'm not a picky eater as I LOVE food and it's starting to show.  I need & like to lose a few pounds if I can only stay focus and discipline myself to get on a diet.  Maybe it'll be my New Years' resolution to lose about 30 pounds.  Be nice to get back down to 100lbs as I was prior to my two girls.  After having my son years ago, losing weight was easy but boy after 2 girls it's a struggle.

I like blogging, it's basically me talking to myself on a computer and in hopes for someone to read me.   OK, time for bed, night, night!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Late Saturday Night

I was never a night owl, until I married my husband many years ago.  I used to love getting up at 6-7am and start my day but now it's more like 10-11am because I'm up late until 3am before I finally head to bed.

Now that 2 out of 3 are back in school, I can start getting up at 6am and start my day with some boba drink (LOVE! LOVE!) especially the black pearls in the coffee drink (taste like gummy bears but round and not as sweet but chewy like gummy bears).

I have some more wonderful designs to share with everyone that are having a party coming up soon or in the near future.   Party favor tags, I had fun designing and making these.