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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you on 9/11/2001?

I'm dedicating this posting to the memories of those who lost love ones 10 yrs ago.   The thought of it still brings tears to my eyes.  I remember this day vividly even though I wasn't in NYC, but it's hard to forget what you heard and saw on TV.
Where or what was I doing on this day?  It was 7am Cali time, I was driving to work at GUESS?  corporate office (was as Assistant Buyer for them back in 99).  LOVE that job!  Anyways, I'm on the 110 heading to downtown LA when on the radio was the news about what happen to the first twin towers.  So first thing, everyone thought of was a freak accident, then comes the news about the 2nd plane, gasppppppp, so then you freak.  I arrived to the office and we were told we could go home to be with family and then that was when we saw on TV about the pentagon and Flight 93.   I was suppose to be flying on that day back to Ohio but had cxl my flight a week before.  So, at that time my mind was baffle what if?  I had a 3 yr old at that time and the thought of leaving him motherless scared me to death.  Though he would be in great hands with my family, the thought still scares anyone who leaves their little ones behind to early.  Now my son is 15 and he sort of remembers that day because he was in a daycare and they watched the news until all parents were able to pick up their children.
I am impress with the courage & strength of those that lost their love ones that day.  It takes a lot of will power and support to be able to move forward.  The thought of losing my husband, kids, family members or close friends is a scary thought.  We take things for granted until you don't have them anymore and then it's too late to reflect what if.
So I hope who ever reads my blog, reflect on their lives and appreciate others and most of all what you have. 
Be kind to each other as we are all human beings trying to live our day to day life.

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