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Sunday, October 23, 2011

So sorry for being MIA......................

Boy life seems to get a bit crazy when your children starts school and holidays rolling around.  So I noticed I haven't been on my blog to update what I have been up to lately.  First off, I totally lost my voice for a week, no clue how because I felt fine.  I think my allergies this year was in full force and I was pretty miserable with stuffy & running nose, very itchy eyes (to the point of wanting them out) and huge sinus pressure.   So of course I double up on allergy medicine and that did not work, only put me to sleep.

I finally figure out why my allergies were so bad, we live near a huge cotton field!!!  Which I was amazed because I have never saw a real cotton field.  I been bugging my hubby about picking one so I can feel it.  So he asked the person who owns that field and he let him pick some for me. For those, who have NEVER seen or felt what real cotton feel like, it feels EXACTLY like a cotton ball you buy in the store.  But of course, since this was natural it had many many many seeds in them.  So now, I have cotton seeds to plant my own cotton field (well a small one at least).  Not sure what to do with them afterward, but I'm sure the internet will have plenty of instruction on how to handle them after harvesting it.
I will upload some images later this week if I remember to take some photos.

Today is a great day, I finally found instruction on how to upload my Etsy shop onto my blogger.   Love the team and it's forum that I'm in, they are very helpful!
So check out my items there and at my site at

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