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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finally it's Thurs but then again if it was a wkend I still be working!

I'm going to dedicate today to just blogging about me and my family.  My wonderful son who is so lucky to be traveling with my parents & younger brother to California (LA) for a 2 wk vacation without us.  How lucky for him (he's 14 going on 15 in Aug) since school will start early Aug for him and his 5 yr sister.  She will start Kindergarten (yepee, 2 out the door & 1 left to care for).  Well I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing because our 5 yr old tends to keep the 2 yr old entertain while I try to work.
I attached some nice photos of our kids and eventually I"ll attach a photo of my hubby & I (if I can find one with me not looking like I'm in my PJ all day long, hee! hee!).
Going off the subject of my kids for a moment.  But have anyone ever feel that they can do just about anything?  That's how I am, I can cook sew, craft, garden (not quite the green finger as my husband's is), bake, create, design, write, just about all sports (love tennis), plan fabulous parties (love, love & love doing the most).   IF I CAN PARTY ALL DAY AND ALL WEEK, I WOULD).  I'm talking about a nice, classy, simple party that you can have friends over for dinner and just mingle at the comfort of your home.  But with 3 kids and them being on a schedule very hard to do. 
Well, I'm signing off so I can get back to designing more beautiful stuff for you all to purchase.

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